Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Car, Bad Night

7/9/2011 - Back in action for another Saturday night at Mercer Raceway Park, the Hermitage of Agway Race Team didn't have the night they were hoping for.

Adam lined the 5K machine up to start the first of 3 heat races on the night in the 7th spot, and with track conditions as they were that is right were he stayed. "There was just no passing to be had" Team Owner Mike Kekich commented later.

The heat race finish set the Kekich Racing entry to start the feature from the 20th spot. Adam got busy right at the drop of the green and was up to 17th by the 11th lap. Continuing to work the top side, Adam steamed ahead and by lap 22 was challenging for the 12th place spot then a car spun and collected the 5K resulting in a broken rear axle and wheel ending the teams night. Credited with a 21st place finish the team loaded up the car to head back to the shop and make repairs to be ready for the next night of competition.

"The car was good tonight", Adam commented after the race. "I am disappointed in the outcome but it could have been much worse". "I am in one piece and the car can be fixed, we'll get em' next time".

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