Monday, April 02, 2012


Kevin Nouse Motorsports, in association with Dietz Motorsports and Mansberger/Nouse Motorsports, is pleased to announce the addition of Bulls-Eye Express, Inc. as their major sponsor for the 2012 racing season. Beginning the weekend of April 6, their logo will be seen on the top wing panels of the Dietz Motorsports #14 410 Sprint Car as well as the Mansberger/ Nouse Motorsports #21T 358 Sprint Car.

“I’m very excited to be able to bring Bulls-Eye Express on board as a major sponsor”, stated Kevin Nouse. “It is a big commitment to step up and become the major sponsor of both cars that I drive, and I’m very thankful to them for believing in me.”

Nouse believes that this partnership makes perfect business sense. “The trucking industry and the racing industry seem to intersect in so many ways, and there are many truck drivers that come out to watch the races on a weekly basis. As Bull-Eyes’ business continues to grown, so does their demand for quality drivers. It is our goal to use their support as a recruiting tool and to get them some more quality drivers. Hopefully some of our racing supporters will give Bulls-Eye a call to see what they have to offer as a possible workplace.”

Located in York, PA, Bulls-Eye Express is a premier trucking company, specializing in flatbed load transportation throughout the continental United States. They pride themselves with their on-time delivery percentages and unmatched customer service, made possible by strategically placed terminals and their state of the art equipment. By offering dedicated accounts and one of the highest pay scales in the industry, they are also able to attract the best owner-operators and company drivers to their growing fleet of trucks. If you are interested in more information on becoming a driver for Bulls-Eye Express or the services they offer, please call their York, PA office at 717-764-0837.

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